25 setembro 2009

Nada como uma boa notícia para começar o fim de semana

24 September, 2009

Dear Desinformador,

Following the success of the 2009 tour, U2 have today confirmed that the 360° Tour will continue in 2010.

European fans who missed out this year will have a new opportunity to experience the 360° Tour with stops confirmed in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Austria, Greece, Turkey, France, Brussels, Spain and Portugal.

Latest dates and onsale information at U2.com.

First tickets for the 2010 dates go on sale at the end of next week but, as always, subscribers to U2.com are able to buy tickets early - in special ticket presales ahead of the general public.

And with news that the Tour is set to continue, U2 have also revealed details of a new U2.com subscription offer: as well as entry into the exclusive ticket presale, all subscribers will be sent an exclusive limited edition U2 remix album.
The new collection will feature remixes spanning U2's catalogue... and also some surprises. As with all U2.com subscriber specials, it won't be for sale in the shops or online.

More information on the U2.com subscription offer.

best wishes and see you on the road in 2010!
The U2.Com Team


10 August, 2010 - Frankfurt, DE
Onsale: TBA

12 August, 2010 - Hannover, DE
Onsale: TBA

15 August, 2010 - Horsens, DK
Presale: Tue. 29 Sept. (10am) - Thu. 1 Oct. (noon)
Onsale: 3 Oct.

20 August, 2010 - Helsinki FI
Presale: Tue. 29 Sept. (10am) - Thu. 1 Oct. (noon)
Onsale: 5 Oct.

25 August, 2010 - Moscow, RU
Onsale: TBA

30 August, 2010 - Vienna, AT
Presale: Tue. Sept. 29 (10am) - Thu. Oct. 01 (noon)
Onsale: 3 Oct.

3 September, 2010 - Athens, GR
Onsale: TBA

6 September, 2010 - Istanbul, TR
Onsale: TBA

15 September, 2010 - Munich, DE
Onsale: TBA

18 September, 2010 - Paris, FR
Onsale: TBA

29 September, 2010 - Seville, ES
Onsale: TBA

2 October, 2010 - Colmbra, PT
Onsale: TBA

Note - All times are local

Read the updated Tour FAQs

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