03 junho 2008

e estes amigos, o que é que pensam da blogosfera??

Indians that practice asceticism do all sort of strange things, never bathing or washing their hair and bears to vowing not to use one or more of their limbs for a determined period. Some of them are against violence of any kind, they always carry a broom to sweep away the insects that come in their path and some even wear a piece of cloth over their mouths so they don’t hurt airborne germs and small insects.
They always meditate in difficult positions and endure harsh weather just to prove that their bodies are unimportant and they only focus upon the soul

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Eduardo Lara Alves disse...

ahhh estes são aqueles que adoptaram medidas para reduzir o consumo de combustíveis...não aquecem sequer água para o banho :)
Mas algum deles deve receber as meditações por mail ;)