22 março 2008

32 Crucial Websites for Every Internet Freak
Por exemplo:
This cool website allows you to browse through billions of archived websites. You can type in any URL and view the website when it was first created until now. try it and see what you get.
With Google STP you can forward anything you find on the internet to any mobil phone for free.
Interessante não?

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Miguel disse...

Good Stuff ...!

Votos de uma Doce e Feliz Pascoa ...!

Bjks da M&M & Cª!

Cristina disse...



Lola disse...

Cristina mais linda,

É muuuita informação junta.

Boa Páscoa.

Montes de beijinhos.

Geoffrey Kruse-Safford disse...

Cris, I am going on vacation - going back home to visit my parents for the first time in 3 years. I don't always comment, but I visit everyday. Have a great Easter, take care of yourself, and I shall miss my daily dose of Portuguese while I'm in the wilds of New York State.

Look up Waverly, NY on Google Earth. That's where I'll be.

Cristina disse...

hi baby! wish you a good vacations and a good Easter too.

i will...

dalloway disse...

Caramba, tanta coisa.
Então, até pró ano!

Eduardo Lara Alves disse...

isto é muito interessante...encontrei uma página que tinha feito :)